Herbal Hair Rinse



Apple cider vinegar infused with medicinal herbs:

Highlights: This turn of the century formula is an excellent Natural PH Balance for your hair and scalp. Ideal for use on itchy, flaky scalps.

You may even find that the rinse acts as a healthy alternative to using a conditioner.

Ingredients: Burdock(arctium lappa), Comfrey(symphytom officinale), Horsetail(equsitum arvense) white willow(silax alba), Southernwood(artimisia abrotanum), nettle(urtica dioica), Mugwort(artimisia vulgaris). Nova Scotian Boates Apple cider vinegar.  Annapolis Valley grown!

Use:After shampooing squeeze a small amount on your scalp massage into scalp and allow to soak in and penetrate then rinse thoroughly.




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