Dandelion from your Yard ~ how to make medicine ~

The danelion from our yard was washed thoroughly and allowed it to air dry over night.  Finely chop into small pieces.  Place in clean glass bottles.  In the small bottle I covered the plant material with a strong % vodka. The other large bottle is covered to the top with Vinegar.  Plain white ~ since it was all I had kicking around the house.  Don’t forget to label the bottles with dates and allow to sit at least one month.  I always allow my herbal medicines to sit for 3 months at a time.

2 thoughts on “Dandelion from your Yard ~ how to make medicine ~

  1. Dandelion tincture is used internally to cleanse the liver and help support the eliminate toxins from our body by way of the urinary system. The whole dandelion plant is a useful from flower to root. These invansive weeds are FOOD and Medicine all in one, and found all around the world. The root has the strongest medicinal qualities. Make tincture while the plants are readily available in spring and summer. Store away to keep on hand during the winter months while the plants are dormant. At this time of year, eat and drink dandelion in salads and hot teas or Even in Homeade ROOT BEER

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