Celebrating 15 years … Est. 2002

We are celebrating a milestone this year !  It’s been 15 years since our business  Osha Mae Soap began !

In 2002 I began dabbling in alchemy !  I had returned from British Columbia with a few skills in my pocket, Soap making, Herbal medicine making, & Basic Botany. I strongly felt the need to put the skills I had learned in BC to good use in my life.  It began in my apartment on Chebucto road Halifax making my first small batches of soap.

My Vision had always been clear : the need to work with herbs every day, use only the finest quality ingredients I could grow, or purchase & work with! That was it! .. Cold process 100% natural Vegan soap.  Synthetic Free, Preservative Free, Dye free formulas.  Made with herbs rather than dyes  and scented with pure essential oils rather than synthetic fragrances.

With time, the tiny batches of soap gathered to be a collection that I needed to do something with.

My friend challenged me to find a place to sell them.  I began to display them at the Forum Sunday market.  It was so thrilling to hear the compliments from customers.  It’s the public’s enthusiasm that continues to fuel the progress of my business! The kindness, the support, & the hope I receive from every person each time my products are out on display.

It’s the wonderful people that helped me along my way that gave me confidence to continued all my studies in the fields I love…  Professional Aromatherapy with Allana & Lee of Casaroma Wellness center & Herbalism foundations with Danette Steele. Level 1 & 2 Herbalism with  Savayda Jarone.

Thanks to my Mom & Dad,  Mom always has believed in me and always trusted my instincts.   She was the first investor into my vision and business idea of Osha Mae Soap.  Mom loaned me a bit of money to make some ingredient purchases to begin my first  batch of soap.  My Dad’s proud support is so valuable to me, he still makes wooden boxes for the store shelves and for my aromatherapy displays !