Absinthe Soap …aka..the Green Faerie

For 2017 I am allowing myself  to unleash all creativity and try new things.

I have been designing new formulas and varieties of soap to lather up with.

My ongoing Enrollment in herbal classes keeps new ideas flowing,  Each month we gather to discuss and study herbs and their medicinal uses.

I am so inspired by plant personalities, energetics, beauty, scent, culinary, dyers, & medicinal uses.

Its all thrilling for me.   I like to see how they can be effectively formulated into skin care uses.

My newest creation is An  Absinthe bar.  

It includes Wormwood, Fennel, Anise Seed, & Lemon. Saponified oils of: Olive, coconut, Palm, organic Safflower and organic Sunflower oils.  Spring water+

Give it a try…at the seaport farmers market Coming Soon.

See how the green Faeries magic affects you..