“Just before Christmas I had a parcel arrive which contains a selection of your lovely soaps and some oil. My friends were responsible for this lovely gift. I just want to let you know how much I am enjoying using them. I have also tucked one in my clothes drawer and I keep the rest in a glass jar in my bathroom and I smile every time I look at them. One day I hope to visit Nova Scotia. Your beautiful products are being enjoyed in Christchurch New Zealand.
– Karen Crisp

“I love your products ….. I really like that you are a local business using nature and your product has such high quality…… I’m happy I can send your products to friends and family!”
– Jeannine

“I have been using your Earth to Ocean soap for a about a year now, and I cannot use any other kind of body soap now. I love the smell of it and the way it leaves your skin feeling afterwards.”
– Jennifer Lester

“I am giving Osha Mae a huge 5 out of 5 for this product! I will be returning to their shop the next time I visit the market and will be trying out more of their products!” more…
– Alyssa White

“Just want to let you know how much I enjoy your serum. I bought it when you were at TIBS in September. When I try a new product on my face I do a few weeks on one side to see if I notice a difference and I did! It has helped fade away my crow’s feet around the eyes and a few wrinkles but more importantly my face is so soft and smooth. One day I forgot to put it on but my face still felt smooth and soft and nourished. It is not just a one day wonder as so many products are- the results last as the product penetrates the pores. I must also tell you that I was in Ottawa for a few days this month and it was bitter cold. My hands were chapped and dry but my face … well it was still soft and smooth! My only disappointment is that you do not have a location in Dartmouth to purchase your product. I know I can o on line but I love to see and smell and sample! I hope some day you will find a location to sell your product…going to the farmer’s market is a night mare will those massive crowds of people.”
– Barb Stewart

“The carrot facial soap is amazing. I mean, beyond amazing – it is the most marvelous face soap I’ve ever used. Really.”
– Roisin Fagan, Bespoke Uprising

“I just wanted to write and thank you for the beautiful face products. I have been trying for years (around 15) to find something that worked for my face- didn’t dry it out and make it flaky, didn’t cause more acne, didn’t cause rashes (my skin is very sensitive), and was made of good ingredients- and before this, I had not found any! Now I am diligently your three products and my skin is loving it! My face is healing, there is no more flaking, no new acne, and it is soft and feels tighter. Thank you! this is huge. And to know that it is all made of good, organic ingredients makes me feel much better. I am hooked. And I am going to put my sister onto it as she has similar skin.”
– Cammie

“I loooooooove my facial serum! It is the nicest product I have ever used. I am a customer for life on this one, it makes me feel so beautiful. You can never stop making it!”
– Kim Munson, Orphanage Clothing

“I have been buying your psoriasis relief rub and am so happy with the product.”
-Traci McBride

“I wanted to tell you how much my family likes your soap. My teenage boys get to pick out the scents they like best & I pick out the scent I want my husband to wear. I also wanted to share that my husband recently fell back into his old habit of old spice. It smelled of chemicals & not nearly as good as your wonderful products. I made sure to visit your shop at the Seaport Farmers Market first thing Saturday mornings to be sure he smelled his wonderful self over the holidays. The products we regularly use are the body soap, Shampoo, & shaving bars.” -Donna Hopper

“My family and I have been using your products for the past five years. I am allergic to artificial scent and spent many, frustrating hours searching the drug store shelves for products that didn’t contain artificial scent but were still aromatic and enjoyable to use. I had resigned myself to using “unscented”, mass-produced products that smelled terrible and still contained other chemicals. As a coincidence I discovered your products while on a separate quest to begin eating locally produced food. That quest brought me to the farmer’s market, which is where I met you and discovered your wonderful products. It hadn’t occurred to me that I could have locally made, beautiful smelling, effective and chemical-free personal care items. Amazing! I want to thank you for all of the thought and care you put into your products. As my family has grown (I am now married and have a two-year-old and an eleven-month-old) I frequently check in with you to see what products you have that will work for our many needs…and there is always something! I am consistently impressed with how effective they are for all of us. From the shaving soap, to the facial oils, to the baby bars we all use your products daily and are happy to do so knowing they are not full of unknown chemicals and artificial scents. I hope that you continue, for many years, to develop and produce such wonderful personal care items.” -Sara Wolthers

“Hi, I attended the Live Well Expo and you gave me a sample of your soap, the scent seems to be a bit like pine. Anyway, I’m wondering what one it may be. I’d love to buy some. This is the best soap I’ve ever used thank you in advance!”

“I really wish there was a LOVE button for this page. My friend is such a fan of your products I have been receiving many pieces as gifts this past year… I am just SOOO impressed!! As a sufferer of acute sinus headaches, your Roll On offers INSTANT relief like nothing I have ever tried before! I am delighted to have been introduced to your products!”
-Alix Sandra Huntley-Speirs

“Just wanted to write you a little thank you for creating such lovely skincare for me ! I positively ADORE the essential oil blend for scarring – the smell is so beautiful I’m tempted to use it as perfume (I think I’ve found a new favourite in the helichrysum/immortelle essential oil … so fresh and sweet!) . Also very happy to have chose the cherry kernel oil – feels perfect for the cooler months ahead.”

“I have healed my skin with Osha Mae’s oils and lotions. For twelve years, I treated the eczema on my hands with steroid creams from the pharmacy. During that time, the eczema persisted and worsened. I decided to stop using the pharmaceutical medicines. My skin was doing well until May 2013, when my hands flared up with eczema so severe that I could not straighten my fingers or make a fist. This was due to stress and because I overexerted myself at my job. There were open cuts all over my hands and wrists and the eczema was on my face too. In November 2013, after 5 months of using Osha Mae’s products, my skin was completely rehabilitated! I can use my hands again and there is now beautiful skin where there used to be red, oozing sores. Osha Mae’s chickweed oil soothed the itchy feelings in my hands. The chickweed oil helped me stop scratching my hands. When I feel itchy, I run my hands under cool water and then apply the chickweed oil. Sometimes I wash it off and other times I leave it on, depending on how itchy the skin is. I wash my face with Osha Mae’s therapeutic oils (I enjoy the chickweed oil, red clover oil, and the lavender oil) and the eczema that was once on my cheeks and eyes is gone. My face is now clear and smooth. Osha Mae’s soothing sensitive lotion hydrated my skin when it was at its driest and most inflamed. My skin became soft and strong. Osha Mae’s lotions give me the feeling that my skin is protected and nourished. The aromas bring harmony to my spirit. The psoriasis relief rub had such a magical effect on my skin, it seemed miraculous. When I began applying it, the eczema on my hands healed rapidly. It glides on the skin taking away any itchy feeling or irritation. The psoriasis relief rub makes my skin feel calm and strong. The medicine of the plants is alive inside Osha Mae’s products. The healing powers of the plants go to work on your behalf when you use these products. I feel happy and blessed to have the support of Osha Mae’s products as I continue to explore natural healing.”

“The package finally arrived.. it was the best experience I’ve ever experienced opening my mailbox.. I was instantly hit with such a pleasant aroma! Initially I thought something must have broke.. but everything appears intact!”

“I was at the Pier 21 farmer’s market on Saturday morning. The scents from your display caught my attention and I ended up purchasing a bar of hair shampoo from you. I just wanted to tell you how amazing that product is!! I had never used a natural shampoo before because I was skeptical that they could actually work, but I was so amazed at the quality of your shampoo! My hair felt so soft afterward as if I loaded it with chemically conditioner, and it kept my hair clean and oil-free for two days after I used it, which NEVER happens with “regular” shampoos. Not to mention it smells fantastic! I’m definitely an advocate of your products now, and you’ll see me at future markets for sure to purchase more of your great soaps. THANK YOU for making such wonderful, eco-friendly products!”
– Leslie Parke

“I actually purchased a bottle of Jasmine and Rose petal spray last summer when in Nova Scotia and that is why I’m ordering another bottle.  I Love It…  I spray it on me everyday and it feels fresh and light…  I’ve had several comments about my perfume and without anyone knowing it was only your product… Hats off it you… Thanks!
– Cathy

Your soap is exquisite!!!! I have have been using your unscented oatmeal soap for a few weeks now and I really love the way it lathers up and rinses off. As someone who has dealt with sensitive skin all of my life, my skin has never felt so healthy and clean. Thank you for a great product.”
-Vicki Murray

“The rose facial serum is divine ~ A few drops on damp skin is all it takes ~ like putting summer roses on your face. An affordable luxury.”
-Silvie Cat

“So glad I was able to buy some comfrey salve from you. It smells divine.”
-Carol Fellowes

“I bought a bottle of pure rosehip oil from you at the market last fall and I cannot find anything that compares to it. The quality of your oils are unmatched! I would love to continue buying this along with others.” -Melanie Price

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10 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. I have been using Osha Mae’s products for a long while now and her wonderful natural salve has relieved my very dry heal problem as well as my toe nail problem. My heals are beautiful and my toe nails are normal again. Thanks very much for your salve and I will continue to enjoy your products!

  2. I recently visited Halifax and visited the seaport market. I spoke with you about several of your products and along with various soap products I purchased the Cinnamon Swirl oil. I have forgotten what it is used for and how to use it. I have been on your web page and have been unable to find any information on this product. I am from Ontario so I am unable to go back to the market. Are you able to send me information on this oil. Thank you.
    R Simoes

    • Sure thing, the cinnamon swirl is a warming and grounding blend, spicy,. I like to diffuse the cinnamon swirl. it can be dropped into foot soaks or baths, but its recommended to mix into salts, oils, or liquid soap. it can be applied to the skin 1 drop to 1 1/2 tsp.

  3. Seriously, what’s not to love about Osha Mae’s incredible line-up of all natural skin care products?! My personal fav is the Carrot Juice Facial. This soap is not only gentle, it leaves skin feeling smooth and refreshed. I highly recommend it for combination skin.

  4. I have been using oshamae products for about 12 years now, pretty much since the beginning. I guess you could say I love it 🙃. I also introduced it to some family in Newfoundland and guess what they are hooked as well. The soaps are the main product that I won’t go without….love the quality of these handmade products 😉

  5. I’ve returned to purchase the heavenly Patchouli East soap; which is an amazing blend of patchouli and cinnamon leaf oil. I’ve tried many other patchouli soaps and this is the first that I can honestly say does an impressive job of balancing the natural fragrance in a really sophisticated way; it’s incredible! I like how this bar keeps my skin soft and moisturized after cleansing; and the cheerful fragrance is the best sort of surprise….it feels like a really special gift to myself; perfect and warming for gloomy winter days!

  6. Oshamae makes me feel beautiful inside and out! There is such loving energy and quality to each and every product. The lather is EXQUISITE on the soaps and they last forever and a day. Once you switch to Oshamae, your shower/bath/spa care will never be the same !!

  7. I absolutely love Osha Mae soap! I have been buying this soap at the waterfront farmer’s market for many years. At first I tried many other soaps as well from this market and other markets in the maritimes and I always came back to Oshae Mae. I keep the extras in bathroom and bedroom drawers and love how the beautiful aroma immediately makes you take that moment to enjoy! The soap and other products make wonderful gifts for family and friends. I would also like to express my thanks to the amazing customer service for the reps at the market; their knowledge, kindness and patience is Awesome and much appreciated!

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