About us


Laura Mae Biography

Originally from Seabright  Nova Scotia in St Margarets Bay.

Laura Mae’s interest in Plant Medicine led her to study Herbalism & Aromatherapy.



Practitioners of aromatherapy believe essential oils  are absorbed through the skin where they can affect the whole body & promote our own body’s natural wellness.



  • Dalhousie University Halifax NS 1995-1996
  • Herbal medicine making~ Douglas College, BC 1999
  • Botany~ Douglas College, BC 1999
  • Herbal Soap Making ~ Cranberry Lane, BC 1999
  • Foundation in Herbal Studies, with Danette Steele M.A., RH, N.S. 1yr 2001
  • Herbal studies workshop Danette Steele M.A., RH, N.S. 2004
  • Professional Aromatherapy, N.S. 4yrs ~Casaroma Wellness Center ~N S 2007-2010
  • Herbal Tonics with Danette Steele M.A. RH, 2014
  • May Flower Herbal Studies with  Savayda Jarone RMH 2014-2015
  • Professional Aromatherapist 2010- present.
  • Board of Directors member ‘The Herbalist Association of Nova Scotia’ ~HANS~2011-2013
  • Organizer/volunteer @  ‘The Halifax Crafter’s Society’.  http://www.halifaxcrafters.ca/ 2003 -2013
  • Osha Mae Soap is a legally registered & insured company.
  • All products have been processed by Health Canada Regulations Standards.



  • Our goal is to provide Safe, Natural, Pleasurable, Purifying experiences for our clients.
  • We create unique natural herbal soap and sundries with superb quality ingredients.
  • Aromatherapy is Art, organic chemistry, & botany combined.
  • Formulating effective plant synergies is our passion.
  • We create unique herbal products for aromatic pleasure & to sooth the skin.
  • Our Professional Aromatherapist pairs herbs with pure essential oils in all formulations.
  • Soap bars are still made by hand in small batches for the finest quality finished product.
  • We have developed a variety of skin care tonics, Serums, Sprays & Lotions with effective results.
  • For over 10 years we have been making soap and formulas for the naturalist in you.
  • The ingredients are earth derived & consciously sourced from the finest organic suppliers.
  • We pay close attention to what is growing Native here in Nova Scotia.
  • We include these herbs, Sea vegetables & Plants in our products to benefit your healthy skin glow.
  • Many of our Native Plant species here in Nova Scotia hold within them many valuable uses.